Axis.IntervalOffset 属性


获取或设置轴的间隔偏移量。Gets or sets the interval offset of an axis.

 property double IntervalOffset { double get(); void set(double value); };
public double IntervalOffset { get; set; }
member this.IntervalOffset : double with get, set
Public Property IntervalOffset As Double


一个 double 值,该值表示轴的间隔偏移量。A double value that represents the interval offset of an axis. 默认值为“Auto”,由值零 (0) 表示。The default value is "Auto", which is represented by a value of zero (0).



IntervalOffset属性确定轴的间隔偏移量。The IntervalOffset property determines the interval offset of an axis. 如果IntervalOffset未设置标签、刻度线或网格线的属性值 (由的NaN值表示), 则将此值用作轴标签的间隔偏移量以及与轴关联的主要刻度线和网格线。This value is used as the interval offset of an axis' labels and the major tick marks and grid lines associated with the axis if the IntervalOffset property value of the labels, tick marks, or grid lines is not set, which is represented by a value of NaN.

轴的刻度线、标签和网格线的IntervalOffset Axis属性优先于对象的属性设置。 IntervalOffsetThe IntervalOffset property of the tick marks, labels and grid lines of an axis has priority over the IntervalOffset property setting of the Axis object.

值为零表示 "自动" 值。A value of zero represents an "Auto" value. 此外, Interval不能将设置为NaN"未设置" (即)。Also, Interval cannot be set to not set (that is, a NaN). 如果分配NaN, 则值为 "Auto"-也就是说, 将改用值0。If you assign NaN, a value of "Auto" - that is, a value of zero - will be used instead.

注意轴的次要网格线和刻度线决不会将此属性用于其间隔偏移量。Note The minor grid lines and tick marks of an axis never use this property for their interval offset.

轴的间隔偏移量类型由IntervalOffsetType属性确定。The interval offset type of the axis is determined by the IntervalOffsetType property.