GradientStyle 枚举


指定要用于图表元素的渐变样式。Specifies a gradient style to be used for a chart element.

public enum class GradientStyle
public enum GradientStyle
type GradientStyle = 
Public Enum GradientStyle


Center 3

渐变是从中心向外应用的。Gradient is applied from the center outwards.

DiagonalLeft 4

渐变是沿对角方向从左向右应用的。Gradient is applied diagonally from left to right.

DiagonalRight 5

渐变是沿对角方向从右向左应用的。Gradient is applied diagonally from right to left.

HorizontalCenter 6

渐变是沿水平方向从中心向外应用的。Gradient is applied horizontally from the center outwards.

LeftRight 1

渐变是从左向右应用的。Gradient is applied from left to right.

None 0

不应用渐变。No gradient is applied.

TopBottom 2

渐变是从上到下应用的。Gradient is applied from top to bottom.

VerticalCenter 7

渐变是沿垂直方向从中心向外应用的。Gradient is applied vertically from the center outwards.


枚举表示渐变样式, 并BackGradientStyle与的Chart属性一起使用。 GradientStyleThe GradientStyle enumeration represents a gradient style, and is used with the BackGradientStyle property of the Chart.