SnapLinePriority 枚举


指定对齐线的相对重要性。Specifies the relative importance of a snapline.

public enum class SnapLinePriority
public enum SnapLinePriority
type SnapLinePriority = 
Public Enum SnapLinePriority


Always 4

等效于所有当前对齐线的最高优先级的优先级类别。The priority category that is equivalent to the highest priority of all the current snaplines. 指示此类别的对齐线应始终是活动的。Indicates that this category of snapline should always be active.

High 3

最高优先级类别。The highest priority category.

Low 1

最低优先级类别。The lowest priority category.

Medium 2

中等优先级类别。The middle priority category.


对齐线的优先级可作为对可视化设计器的建议, 有关如何对其对等方处理对齐线。A snapline's priority acts as a suggestion to visual designers about how to treat a snapline with respect to its peers. 布局引擎使用一种简单的方法来确定是否显示控件的对齐线: 只有最高优先级的对齐线 (包括值为的Always值) 为每个方向垂直或水平显示。The layout engine uses a simple method of determining whether to display the snaplines for a control: only the highest priority snaplines, including those with a value of Always, are shown for each orientation - vertical or horizontal.

若要设置对齐线的优先级, 请SnapLinePriority在创建SnapLine类的实例时指定枚举。To set the priority of a snapline, a SnapLinePriority enumeration is specified when creating an instance of the SnapLine class.