MergeAction 枚举


指定在组合 ToolStrip 上的菜单项时如果找到匹配项将采用何种操作。Specifies the kind of action to take if a match is found when combining menu items on a ToolStrip.

public enum class MergeAction
public enum MergeAction
type MergeAction = 
Public Enum MergeAction


Append 0

忽略匹配结果,将该项追加到集合结尾。Appends the item to the end of the collection, ignoring match results.

Insert 1

将该项插入目标集合中的匹配项前。Inserts the item to the target's collection immediately preceding the matched item. 如果匹配项在列表的结尾,则将该项追加到列表。A match of the end of the list results in the item being appended to the list. 如果没有匹配项或匹配项在列表的开始处,则将该项插入到集合的开始。If there is no match or the match is at the beginning of the list, the item is inserted at the beginning of the collection.

MatchOnly 4

要求匹配项,但不进行任何操作。A match is required, but no action is taken. 使用此方法来创建树和成功访问嵌套布局。Use this for tree creation and successful access to nested layouts.

Remove 3

移除匹配项。Removes the matched item.

Replace 2

用源项替换匹配项。Replaces the matched item with the source item. 原始项的下拉项不会成为传入项的子项。The original item's drop-down items do not become children of the incoming item.