NumericUpDown.UpButton 方法


增加数字显示框(也称作 up-down 控件)中的值。Increments the value of the spin box (also known as an up-down control).

 override void UpButton();
public override void UpButton ();
override this.UpButton : unit -> unit
Public Overrides Sub UpButton ()


调用 UpButton 方法时,无论是在代码中还是通过单击 "向上" 按钮,都将验证新值并使用适当的格式更新控件。When the UpButton method is called, either in code or by the click of the up button, the new value is validated and the control is updated with the new value in the appropriate format. 具体来说,如果 UserEdit 设置为 true,则在验证或更新值之前调用 ParseEditTextSpecifically, if UserEdit is set to true, ParseEditText is called prior to validating or updating the value. 然后,将值验证为介于 MinimumMaximum 值之间,并调用 UpdateEditText 方法。The value is then validated to be between the Minimum and Maximum values and the UpdateEditText method is called.