PrintPreviewDialog.Size PrintPreviewDialog.Size PrintPreviewDialog.Size PrintPreviewDialog.Size Property


获取或设置窗体的大小。Gets or sets the size of the form.

 property System::Drawing::Size Size { System::Drawing::Size get(); void set(System::Drawing::Size value); };
public System.Drawing.Size Size { get; set; }
member this.Size : System.Drawing.Size with get, set
Public Property Size As Size


Size,它表示窗体的大小。A Size that represents the size of the form.


此属性与此类无关。This property is not relevant for this class.

此属性允许同时设置窗体的高度和宽度, 而不是分别设置HeightWidth属性。This property allows you to set both the height and width of the form at the same time instead of setting the Height and Width properties individually. 如果要设置窗体的大小和位置, 则可以使用DesktopBounds属性来调整窗体的大小并根据桌面坐标定位窗体, 或Bounds使用Control类的属性基于屏幕 oozie.coord.application.path 设置窗体的大小和位置。inates.If you want to set the size and location of a form, you can use the DesktopBounds property to size and locate the form based on desktop coordinates or use the Bounds property of the Control class to set the size and location of the form based on screen coordinates.