RichTextBox.SelectionTabs RichTextBox.SelectionTabs RichTextBox.SelectionTabs RichTextBox.SelectionTabs Property


获取或设置 RichTextBox 控件中的绝对制表位位置。Gets or sets the absolute tab stop positions in a RichTextBox control.

 property cli::array <int> ^ SelectionTabs { cli::array <int> ^ get(); void set(cli::array <int> ^ value); };
public int[] SelectionTabs { get; set; }
member this.SelectionTabs : int[] with get, set
Public Property SelectionTabs As Integer()



包含每个成员以像素为单位指定的制表位偏移量的数组。An array in which each member specifies a tab offset, in pixels.


数组的元素个数大于所允许的最大值 32。The array has more than the maximum 32 elements.


此属性使你能够获取一个数组,该数组包含RichTextBox控件内当前选定文本中每个选项卡的间距。This property enables you to obtain an array that contains the spacing for each tab in the current text selection within the RichTextBox control. 然后,可以使用此属性调整文本选定内容中每个选项卡的大小。You can then use this property to adjust the size of each tab within the text selection. 例如,如果要调整文档中的制表符空间,则可以选择整个文档,并使用SelectionTabs属性获取选项卡空间的列表。For example, if you want to adjust the tab space within the document, you can select the entire document and obtain the list of tab spaces using the SelectionTabs property. 然后,可以将其调整为新值,并将其重新分配给此属性。You can then adjust them to new values and reassign them to this property.