RichTextBoxLanguageOptions RichTextBoxLanguageOptions RichTextBoxLanguageOptions RichTextBoxLanguageOptions Enum


提供针对输入法编辑器 (IME) 和亚洲语言支持的 RichTextBox 设置。Provides RichTextBox settings for Input Method Editor (IME) and Asian language support.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class RichTextBoxLanguageOptions
public enum RichTextBoxLanguageOptions
type RichTextBoxLanguageOptions = 
Public Enum RichTextBoxLanguageOptions


AutoFont AutoFont AutoFont AutoFont 2

指定当用户显式更改为另一种键盘布局时控件自动更改字体。Specifies that the control automatically changes fonts when the user explicitly changes to a different keyboard layout.

AutoFontSizeAdjust AutoFontSizeAdjust AutoFontSizeAdjust AutoFontSizeAdjust 16

指定与字体绑定的字体大小根据文字从插入点大小进行缩放。Specifies that font-bound font sizes are scaled from the insertion point size according to a script. 例如,亚洲字体比西方字体稍大。For example, Asian fonts are slightly larger than Western fonts. 这是默认设置。This is the default.

AutoKeyboard AutoKeyboard AutoKeyboard AutoKeyboard 1

指定当用户显式更改为另一种字体时,或者当用户显式将插入点更改到文本中的新位置时,RichTextBox 控件应自动更改键盘布局。Specifies that the RichTextBox control automatically changes the keyboard layout when the user explicitly changes to a different font, or when the user explicitly changes the insertion point to a new location in the text.

DualFont DualFont DualFont DualFont 128

将控件设置为双字体模式。Sets the control to dual-font mode. 用于亚洲语言文本。Used for Asian language text. RichTextBox 控件对 ASCII 文本使用英语字体,对亚洲文本使用亚洲字体。The RichTextBox control uses an English font for ASCII text and an Asian font for Asian text.

ImeAlwaysSendNotify ImeAlwaysSendNotify ImeAlwaysSendNotify ImeAlwaysSendNotify 8

指定在使用 IME 输入文字期间如何通知客户端。Specifies how the client is notified during IME composition. 设置为 0 可指定在未定状态期间不发生 EN_CHANGE 或 EN_SELCHANGE 事件。A setting of 0 specifies that no EN_CHANGE or EN_SELCHANGE events occur during an undetermined state. 当收到最终字符串时发送通知。Notification is sent when the final string comes in. 这是默认设置。This is the default. 设置为 1 则指定在未定状态期间发生 EN_CHANGE 或 EN_SELCHANGE 事件。A setting of 1 specifies that EN_CHANGE and EN_SELCHANGE events occur during an undetermined state.

ImeCancelComplete ImeCancelComplete ImeCancelComplete ImeCancelComplete 4

指定如果用户取消在输入法编辑器 (IME) 中输入的字符串,控件应如何使用该字符串。Specifies how the control uses the composition string of an Input Method Editor (IME) if the user cancels it. 如果设置了此标志,则控件放弃该字符串。If this flag is set, the control discards the composition string. 如果未设置此标志,则控件将该字符串用作结果字符串。If this flag is not set, the control uses the composition string as the result string.

UIFonts UIFonts UIFonts UIFonts 32

指定使用的用户界面默认字体。Specifies that user-interface default fonts be used. 默认情况下此选项被关闭。This option is turned off by default.