TabControlAction Enum


定义表示 TabControl 事件的值。Defines values representing TabControl events.

public enum class TabControlAction
public enum TabControlAction
type TabControlAction = 
Public Enum TabControlAction


Deselected 3

表示 Deselected 事件。Represents the Deselected event.

Deselecting 2

表示 Deselecting 事件。Represents the Deselecting event.

Selected 1

表示 Selected 事件。Represents the Selected event.

Selecting 0

表示 Selecting 事件。Represents the Selecting event.


事件处理程序使用此枚举来确定 TabControlDeselectingDeselectedSelectingSelected 事件的事件处理程序。This enumeration is used by event handlers for the Deselecting, Deselected, Selecting, and Selected events of a TabControl to determine which of the four events is being handled. 这使得一个事件处理程序可以处理多个事件类型。This enables one event handler to handle multiple event types.

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