ToolBarAppearance 枚举


指定要显示的工具栏的类型。Specifies the type of toolbar to display.

public enum class ToolBarAppearance
public enum ToolBarAppearance
type ToolBarAppearance = 
Public Enum ToolBarAppearance


Flat 1

工具栏和按钮以平面显示,但当鼠标指针移动到按钮上时,按钮变为三维效果。The toolbar and buttons appear flat, but the buttons change to three-dimensional as the mouse pointer moves over them.

Normal 0

工具栏和按钮显示为标准的三维控件。The toolbar and buttons appear as standard three-dimensional controls.


下面的示例创建一个 ToolBar 控件,设置其一些公共属性,并将其添加到 Form 中。The following example creates a ToolBar control, sets some of its common properties, and adds it to a Form. 还会将委托添加到 ButtonClickButtonDropDown 事件。Delegates are also added to the ButtonClick and ButtonDropDown events. 此示例假设 ToolBar 已声明名为的 toolBar1ImageList 名为的 imageList1This example assumes a ToolBar named toolBar1 and an ImageList named imageList1 have been declared.

void AddToolBar()
   // Add a toolbar and set some of its properties.
   toolBar1 = gcnew ToolBar;
   toolBar1->Appearance = System::Windows::Forms::ToolBarAppearance::Flat;
   toolBar1->BorderStyle = System::Windows::Forms::BorderStyle::None;
   toolBar1->Buttons->Add( this->toolBarButton1 );
   toolBar1->ButtonSize = System::Drawing::Size( 24, 24 );
   toolBar1->Divider = true;
   toolBar1->DropDownArrows = true;
   toolBar1->ImageList = this->imageList1;
   toolBar1->ShowToolTips = true;
   toolBar1->Size = System::Drawing::Size( 292, 25 );
   toolBar1->TabIndex = 0;
   toolBar1->TextAlign = System::Windows::Forms::ToolBarTextAlign::Right;
   toolBar1->Wrappable = false;
   // Add handlers for the ButtonClick and ButtonDropDown events.
   toolBar1->ButtonDropDown += gcnew ToolBarButtonClickEventHandler( this, &MyToolBar::toolBar1_ButtonDropDown );
   toolBar1->ButtonClick += gcnew ToolBarButtonClickEventHandler( this, &MyToolBar::toolBar1_ButtonClicked );
   // Add the toolbar to the form.
   this->Controls->Add( toolBar1 );
private void AddToolBar()
   // Add a toolbar and set some of its properties.
   toolBar1 = new ToolBar();
   toolBar1.Appearance = System.Windows.Forms.ToolBarAppearance.Flat;
   toolBar1.BorderStyle = System.Windows.Forms.BorderStyle.None;
   toolBar1.ButtonSize = new System.Drawing.Size(24, 24);
   toolBar1.Divider = true;
   toolBar1.DropDownArrows = true;
   toolBar1.ImageList = this.imageList1;
   toolBar1.ShowToolTips = true;
   toolBar1.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(292, 25);
   toolBar1.TabIndex = 0;
   toolBar1.TextAlign = System.Windows.Forms.ToolBarTextAlign.Right;
   toolBar1.Wrappable = false;
   // Add handlers for the ButtonClick and ButtonDropDown events.
   toolBar1.ButtonDropDown += 
     new ToolBarButtonClickEventHandler(toolBar1_ButtonDropDown);
   toolBar1.ButtonClick += 
     new ToolBarButtonClickEventHandler(toolBar1_ButtonClicked);

   // Add the toolbar to the form.
Private Sub AddToolBar()
   ' Add a toolbar and set some of its properties.
   toolBar1 = New ToolBar()
   toolBar1.Appearance = System.Windows.Forms.ToolBarAppearance.Flat
   toolBar1.BorderStyle = System.Windows.Forms.BorderStyle.None
   toolBar1.ButtonSize = New System.Drawing.Size(24, 24)
   toolBar1.Divider = True
   toolBar1.DropDownArrows = True
   toolBar1.ImageList = Me.imageList1
   toolBar1.ShowToolTips = True
   toolBar1.Size = New System.Drawing.Size(292, 25)
   toolBar1.TabIndex = 0
   toolBar1.TextAlign = System.Windows.Forms.ToolBarTextAlign.Right
   toolBar1.Wrappable = False

   ' Add handlers for the ButtonClick and ButtonDropDown events.
   AddHandler toolBar1.ButtonDropDown, AddressOf toolBar1_ButtonDropDown
   AddHandler toolBar1.ButtonClick, AddressOf toolBar1_ButtonClicked

   ' Add the toolbar to the form.
End Sub


此枚举由成员(如)使用 ToolBar.AppearanceThis enumeration is used by members such as ToolBar.Appearance.

Appearance 工具栏的属性设置为, ToolBarAppearance.Flat 以使工具栏及其按钮成为平面外观。Set the Appearance property of the toolbar to ToolBarAppearance.Flat to give the toolbar and its buttons a flat appearance. 当鼠标指针移到按钮上时,其外观将变为三维。As the mouse pointer moves over the buttons, their appearance changes to three-dimensional. 当工具栏具有平面外观时,按钮分隔符显示为线条,而不是按钮之间的空格。Button separators appear as lines rather than spaces between the buttons when the toolbar has a flat appearance.