ToolStripItemOverflow 枚举


确定某个 ToolStripItem 是否在溢出 ToolStrip 中。Determines whether a ToolStripItem is placed in the overflow ToolStrip.

public enum class ToolStripItemOverflow
public enum ToolStripItemOverflow
type ToolStripItemOverflow = 
Public Enum ToolStripItemOverflow


Always 1

指定 ToolStripItem 永久显示在溢出 ToolStrip 中。Specifies that a ToolStripItem is permanently shown in the overflow ToolStrip.

AsNeeded 2

指定如果主 ToolStripItem 上没有空间,则 ToolStrip 根据需要在主 ToolStrip 和溢出 ToolStrip 之间移动。Specifies that a ToolStripItem drifts between the main ToolStrip and the overflow ToolStrip as required if space is not available on the main ToolStrip.

Never 0

指定 ToolStripItem 在任何情况下都不显示在溢出 ToolStrip 中。Specifies that a ToolStripItem is never a candidate for the overflow ToolStrip. 如果 ToolStripItem 无法放置在主 ToolStrip 中,它就不会显示。If the ToolStripItem cannot fit on the main ToolStrip, it will not be shown.


如果溢出项超出了窗体上可显示的数目, 请使用ToolStrip 项集合编辑器来管理这种情况。If there are more overflow items than can be displayed on the form, use the ToolStrip Items Collection Editor to manage this situation.