UICues 枚举


指定用户界面的状态。Specifies the state of the user interface.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class UICues
public enum UICues
type UICues = 
Public Enum UICues


Changed 12

焦点提示和键盘提示的状态已发生更改。The state of the focus cues and keyboard cues has changed.

ChangeFocus 4

焦点提示的状态已发生更改。The state of the focus cues has changed.

ChangeKeyboard 8

键盘提示的状态已发生更改。The state of the keyboard cues has changed.

None 0

未作出任何更改。No change was made.

ShowFocus 1

聚焦框在更改后显示。Focus rectangles are displayed after the change.

ShowKeyboard 2

键盘提示在更改后加下划线。Keyboard cues are underlined after the change.

Shown 3

在更改后显示聚焦框以及给键盘提示加下划线。Focus rectangles are displayed and keyboard cues are underlined after the change.


此枚举由成员 (如的构造函数UICuesEventArgs) 使用。This enumeration is used by members such as the constructor for UICuesEventArgs.

此枚举用于指定将显示或更改的用户界面提示。This enumeration is used to specify which user interface cues will be displayed or changed. 例如, 当用户按下 ALT 键时, 菜单上的键盘快捷方式将按相应字符的下划线显示。For example, when the user presses the ALT key, the keyboard shortcuts on the menu are displayed by underlining the appropriate character. 此示例UICues ChangeKeyboard的按位组合为和。ShowKeyboardThe bitwise combination of UICues for this example would be ShowKeyboard and ChangeKeyboard.