BooleanProperty 枚举


标识视觉样式元素的布尔属性。Identifies the Boolean properties of a visual style element.

public enum class BooleanProperty
public enum BooleanProperty
type BooleanProperty = 
Public Enum BooleanProperty


AlwaysShowSizingBar 2208

大小调整句柄会一直显示。The sizing handle will always be displayed.

AutoSize 2202

非工作区标题的宽度随文本的宽度发生变化。The width of nonclient captions varies with the extent of the text.

BackgroundFill 2205

固定大小的元素的背景为实心矩形。The background of a fixed-size element is a filled rectangle.

BorderOnly 2203

只绘制图像的边框。Only the border of an image is drawn.

Composited 2204

该控件将处理复合图。The control will handle composite drawing.

GlyphOnly 2207

应只绘制标志符号,而不绘制背景。Only the glyph should be drawn, not the background.

GlyphTransparent 2206

标志符号具有透明区域。The glyph has transparent areas.

IntegralSizing 2211

固定大小元素的比例因子必须为整数。The scaling factor must be an integer for fixed-size elements.

MirrorImage 2209

图像以从右至左的显示模式镜像。The image is mirrored in right-to-left display modes.

SourceGrow 2212

如果需要,源图像将会放大。The source image will scale larger when needed.

SourceShrink 2213

如果需要,源图像将会缩小。The source image will scale smaller when needed.

Transparent 2201

该图像有透明区域。The image has transparent areas.

UniformSizing 2210

必须以同样比例调整高度和宽度。The height and width must be sized equally.


BooleanProperty枚举表示一组描述视觉样式元素的布尔属性。The BooleanProperty enumeration represents a set of Boolean properties that describe visual style elements. 这些BooleanProperty值用作GetBoolean方法中的参数, 用于指定要VisualStyleRenderer为当前表示的元素检索的属性值。The BooleanProperty values are used as an argument in the GetBoolean method to specify which property value to retrieve for the element that the VisualStyleRenderer currently represents.