ImageSelectType 枚举


指定视觉样式何时选择一个不同的多图像文件来绘制元素。Specifies when the visual style selects a different multiple-image file to draw an element.

public enum class ImageSelectType
public enum ImageSelectType
type ImageSelectType = 
Public Enum ImageSelectType


Dpi 2

图像文件的变化基于点/每英寸 (DPI) 设置。Image file changes are based on dots per inch (DPI) settings.

None 0

图像文件不变。The image file does not change.

Size 1

图像文件的变化基于大小设置。Image file changes are based on size settings.


视觉样式最多可为一个元素定义五个多图像文件。A visual style can define up to five multiple-image files for an element. 这些图像文件通过FilenameProperty ImageFile1值指定ImageFile5These image files are specified by the FilenameProperty values ImageFile1 through ImageFile5. ImageSelectType值指示视觉样式何时选择不同的图像文件来绘制元素。The ImageSelectType values indicate when the visual style selects a different image file to draw the element.

值表示VisualStyleRenderer.GetEnumValueEnumProperty.ImageSelectType使用参数值调用方法时该方法的返回值。 ImageSelectTypeThe ImageSelectType values represent the return values of the VisualStyleRenderer.GetEnumValue method when it is called with an argument value of EnumProperty.ImageSelectType.