VisualStyleElement.Part 属性


获取一个值,该值指示此 VisualStyleElement 表示的视觉样式元素的部件。Gets a value indicating the part of the visual style element that this VisualStyleElement represents.

 property int Part { int get(); };
public int Part { get; }
member this.Part : int
Public ReadOnly Property Part As Integer


一个表示视觉样式元素的部件的值。A value that represents the part of a visual style element.


部件是视觉样式元素类的离散成员。A part is a discrete member of a class of visual style elements. 例如,表示复选框、单选按钮和 "推送" 按钮的视觉样式元素都被视为 "BUTTON" 类的一部分。For example, visual style elements that represent a check box, radio button, and push button are all considered parts of the "BUTTON" class.

部分值是从1到为特定类定义的部分数之间的整数。Part values are integers that range from 1 to the number of parts defined for a particular class. 有关视觉样式类、部件和状态的详细信息,请参阅 Windows Shell 文档中的 "部件和状态" more information on visual style classes, parts, and states, see "Parts and States" in the Windows Shell documentation at