FrameworkElement.InputScope 属性


获取或设置此 FrameworkElement 使用的输入的上下文。Gets or sets the context for input used by this FrameworkElement.

 property System::Windows::Input::InputScope ^ InputScope { System::Windows::Input::InputScope ^ get(); void set(System::Windows::Input::InputScope ^ value); };
public System.Windows.Input.InputScope InputScope { get; set; }
member this.InputScope : System.Windows.Input.InputScope with get, set
Public Property InputScope As InputScope



解释输入范围,在该输入范围内修改从其他输入法输入的方式。The input scope, which modifies how input from alternative input methods is interpreted. 默认值为 null(这将导致对命令的默认处理)。The default value is null (which results in a default handling of commands).


此依赖属性继承属性值。This dependency property inherits property values. 如果有子元素没有 InputScope 通过本地值或样式建立的其他值,则属性系统会将该值设置为 InputScope 已分配此值的最近上级元素的值。If there are child elements without other values for InputScope established through local values or styles, then the property system will set the value to be the InputScope value of the nearest ancestor element with this value assigned.

尽管列出了 XAML 语法用法并在语法上允许使用,但在 XAML 中设置此属性并不常见。Although a XAML syntax usage is listed and is syntactically allowed, setting this property in XAML is not common.

依赖项属性信息Dependency Property Information

标识符字段Identifier field InputScopeProperty
元数据属性设置为 trueMetadata properties set to true Inherits