LineBreakCondition Enum


围绕内联对象描述换行条件。Describes the breaking condition around an inline object.

public enum class LineBreakCondition
public enum LineBreakCondition
type LineBreakCondition = 
Public Enum LineBreakCondition


BreakAlways 3

总是允许换行。Break is always allowed.

BreakDesired 0

如果另一个对象不禁止则换行。Break if not prohibited by another object.

BreakPossible 1

如果另一个对象允许则换行。Break if allowed by another object.

BreakRestrained 2

总是禁止换行,除非另一个对象设置为 BreakAlwaysBreak always prohibited unless the other object is set to BreakAlways.


此枚举描述内联对象是否允许中断。This enumeration describes whether a break is permitted for an inline object. 此中断受内联对象的 LineBreakCondition (如果有)的影响。This break is affected by the LineBreakCondition of the inline object before it (if any). 在下表中,顶部的值表示一个内联对象 LineBreakCondition 值,而左侧的值表示另一个内联对象的值。In the table below, the values across the top represent LineBreakCondition values for one inline object while the values on the left represent values of another inline object. 指定值 "True" 或 "False",具体取决于两个内联对象之间是否允许换行。A value of "True" or "False" is indicated depending on whether a line break is permitted between the two inline objects.

BreakDesiredBreakDesired BreakPossibleBreakPossible BreakRestrainedBreakRestrained BreakAlwaysBreakAlways
BreakDesiredBreakDesired TrueTrue TrueTrue FalseFalse TrueTrue
BreakPossibleBreakPossible TrueTrue FalseFalse FalseFalse TrueTrue
BreakRestrainedBreakRestrained FalseFalse FalseFalse FalseFalse TrueTrue
BreakAlwaysBreakAlways TrueTrue TrueTrue TrueTrue TrueTrue

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