DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute Class


指定属性的序列化标志。Specifies the serialization flags for a property.

public ref class DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute sealed : Attribute
[System.AttributeUsage(System.AttributeTargets.Field | System.AttributeTargets.Method | System.AttributeTargets.Property, AllowMultiple=false)]
public sealed class DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute : Attribute
type DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute = class
    inherit Attribute
Public NotInheritable Class DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute
Inherits Attribute


DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute 为设计器和设计图面在与特性化属性交互时应使用的窗体提供约束提示。DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute provides a constraint hint for the form that designers and design surfaces should use when interacting with the attributed property. 通常,执行此操作的原因是提示 SerializeAsAttributeGenerally the reason for doing so is to hint SerializeAsAttribute. 如果与此属性作为字符串序列化形式的字符串进行交互,则可以执行此操作,这种情况下会产生虚假的空白区域。You might do this in cases where interacting with that property as a content-serialized form of the string has risk of introducing spurious white space. 为此原因应用 DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute 的示例案例为 FrameworkElement.NameAn example case where DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute is applied for this reason is FrameworkElement.Name.

DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute 的属性用法支持将分配给方法。Attribute usage for DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute supports assigning to a method. 这使你可以为 XAML 附加属性声明序列化选项,方法是在支持附加属性使用模式的 Get 访问器方法上分配 DesignerSerializationOptionsAttributeThis enables you to declare serialization options for a XAML attached property, by assigning DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute on the Get accessor method that supports the attached property usage pattern. WPF 类型中的一个示例是 XmlSpace 及其 Get 访问器 GetXmlSpaceAn example of this in the WPF types is XmlSpace and its Get accessor GetXmlSpace.

请注意,DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute 提示所需的序列化形式,而不是属性是否为或不序列化。Note that DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute hints the desired serialization form, not whether the property is or is not serialized. 如果要影响属性序列化的其他方面,你可以使用 DesignerSerializationVisibilityAttribute,或者可以对所有者类实现 ShouldSerialize 模式方法。If you want to influence other aspects of property serialization, you can use DesignerSerializationVisibilityAttribute, or can implement ShouldSerialize pattern methods on the owner class. 有关设计时的常规 .NET 序列化模式的详细信息,请参阅设计器序列化概述For more information on the general .NET serialization patterns for design time, see Designer Serialization Overview.



初始化 DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute 类的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the DesignerSerializationOptionsAttribute class.



获取特性的 DesignerSerializationOptions 集。Gets the DesignerSerializationOptions set on the attribute.


在派生类中实现时,获取此 Attribute 的唯一标识符。When implemented in a derived class, gets a unique identifier for this Attribute.

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返回一个值,该值指示此实例是否与指定的对象相等。Returns a value that indicates whether this instance is equal to a specified object.

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返回此实例的哈希代码。Returns the hash code for this instance.

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获取当前实例的 TypeGets the Type of the current instance.

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在派生类中重写时,指示此实例的值是否是派生类的默认值。When overridden in a derived class, indicates whether the value of this instance is the default value for the derived class.

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当在派生类中重写时,返回一个指示此实例是否等于指定对象的值。When overridden in a derived class, returns a value that indicates whether this instance equals a specified object.

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创建当前 Object 的浅表副本。Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.

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返回表示当前对象的字符串。Returns a string that represents the current object.

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Explicit Interface Implementations

_Attribute.GetIDsOfNames(Guid, IntPtr, UInt32, UInt32, IntPtr)

将一组名称映射为对应的一组调度标识符。Maps a set of names to a corresponding set of dispatch identifiers.

(Inherited from Attribute)
_Attribute.GetTypeInfo(UInt32, UInt32, IntPtr)

检索对象的类型信息,然后可以使用该信息获取接口的类型信息。Retrieves the type information for an object, which can be used to get the type information for an interface.

(Inherited from Attribute)

检索对象提供的类型信息接口的数量(0 或 1)。Retrieves the number of type information interfaces that an object provides (either 0 or 1).

(Inherited from Attribute)
_Attribute.Invoke(UInt32, Guid, UInt32, Int16, IntPtr, IntPtr, IntPtr, IntPtr)

提供对某一对象公开的属性和方法的访问。Provides access to properties and methods exposed by an object.

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