IStyleConnector Interface


提供 WPF XAML 分析器在内部用于在已编译的 XAML 中附加事件和事件 setter 的方法。Provides methods used internally by the WPF XAML parser to attach events and event setters in compiled XAML.

public interface class IStyleConnector
public interface IStyleConnector
type IStyleConnector = interface
Public Interface IStyleConnector


IStyleConnector 类不打算用于 WPF XAML 标记编译器以外的任何内容。The IStyleConnector class is not intended for use by anything other than the WPF XAML markup compiler. 它是由生成的代码引用的,该代码对涉及模板或类似工厂模型的标记执行事件布线。It is referenced by generated code that does event wiring for markup that involves templates or a similar factory model.


Connect(Int32, Object)

在已编译的内容中附加事件 setter 上的事件以及模板。Attaches events on event setters and templates in compiled content.

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