BamlLocalizerError 枚举


指定 BamlLocalizer 可能会遇到的错误情况。Specifies error conditions that may be encountered by the BamlLocalizer.

public enum class BamlLocalizerError
public enum BamlLocalizerError
type BamlLocalizerError = 
Public Enum BamlLocalizerError


DuplicateElement 1

本地化的 BAML 包含对同一元素的多个引用。The localized BAML contains more than one reference to the same element.

DuplicateUid 0

多个元素具有相同的 Uid 值。More than one element has the same Uid value.

IncompleteElementPlaceholder 2

元素的替换内容包含不完整的子占位符。The element's substitution contains incomplete child placeholders.

InvalidCommentingXml 3

XML 注释的格式不正确。XML comments do not have the correct format.

InvalidLocalizationAttributes 4

本地化注释文本中包含无效特性。The localization commenting text contains invalid attributes.

InvalidLocalizationComments 5

本地化注释文本中包含无效注释。The localization commenting text contains invalid comments.

InvalidUid 6

Uid 与 BAML 源中的任何元素都不对应。The Uid does not correspond to any element in the BAML source.

MismatchedElements 7

指示替换和源之间不匹配。Indicates a mismatch between substitution and source. 替换必须包含源中的所有元素占位符。The substitution must contain all the element placeholders in the source.

SubstitutionAsPlaintext 8

元素内容的替换不能分析为 XML,因此无法识别替换中的任何格式设置标记。The substitution of an element's content cannot be parsed as XML, therefore any formatting tags in the substitution are not recognized. 该替换将改为作为纯文本进行应用。The substitution is instead applied as plain text.

UidMissingOnChildElement 9

子元素没有 UidA child element does not have a Uid. 因此,它不能表示为父元素的内容字符串中的占位符。As a result, it cannot be represented as a placeholder in the parent's content string.

UnknownFormattingTag 10

无法识别替换中的格式设置标记。A formatting tag in the substitution is not recognized.