XamlSetValueEventArgs.CallBase 方法


在派生类中重写时,为调用针对当前活动类型基类定义的 SetValue 回调提供了一条途径。When overridden in a derived class, provides a way to invoke a SetValue callback as defined on a base class of the current acting type.

 virtual void CallBase();
public virtual void CallBase ();
abstract member CallBase : unit -> unit
override this.CallBase : unit -> unit
Public Overridable Sub CallBase ()


CallBase在实现过程中, 可将ReceiveMarkupExtension作为实现的一部分进行调用, 在这种情况下, 实现应使用特定标记扩展作为主方案, 但需要一种方法来尝试不会立即失败的替代情况。CallBase might be invoked as part of a ReceiveMarkupExtension implementation, in cases where the implementation is expecting a particular markup extension as the primary case but wants a way to attempt alternative cases without immediately failing. 这适用于处理可能本身可扩展的标记扩展。This is useful for dealing with a markup extension that might itself be extensible.

"当前操作类型信息" 只能在内部提供, 它是指在其中发生设置操作的实例的类型。The "current acting type information" is only available internally, and refers to the type of the instance where the set operation is occurring. XamlSetMarkupExtensionEventArgsXamlSetTypeConverterEventArgs使用内部当前操作类型信息重写此方法。XamlSetMarkupExtensionEventArgs and XamlSetTypeConverterEventArgs both override this method by using the internal current acting type information.


默认实现为空。The default implementation is empty.