Clock.Completed 事件


当此时钟完全播放完毕时发生。Occurs when this clock has completely finished playing.

 event EventHandler ^ Completed;
public event EventHandler Completed;
member this.Completed : EventHandler 
Public Custom Event Completed As EventHandler 




如果此时钟为时钟树的根时钟,则它在到达其活动持续时间结束后已完成播放, (包括重复) 并且其所有子项已达到其活动持续时间的终点。If this clock is the root clock of a clock tree, it has completed playing after it reaches the end of its active duration (which includes repeats) and all its children have reached the end of their active durations. 如果此时钟为子时钟,则当其所属的时钟树的根时钟到达其活动持续时间的终点并且其所有子时钟已完成播放时,将被视为已完全完成播放。If this clock is a child clock, it is considered to have completely finished playing when the root clock of the clock tree to which it belongs reaches the end of its active duration and all its child clocks have finished playing.

停止时钟不会触发其已完成的事件,而是将其前进到填充期。Stopping a clock does not trigger its completed event, but advancing it to its fill period does.