ClockController.Begin 方法


设置目标 Clock,以在下一时钟周期开始。Sets the target Clock to begin at the next tick.

 void Begin();
public void Begin ();
member this.Begin : unit -> unit
Public Sub Begin ()


此方法导致目标Clock的行为如同其Timeline对象的BeginTime设置为下一个计时周期的时间。This method causes the target Clock to behave as though its Timeline object's BeginTime were set to the time of the next tick. 将忽略时间线BeginTime的实际设置 (但不更改)。The timeline's actual BeginTime setting is ignored (but not changed).

此方法将目标时钟CurrentState更改为。 ActiveThis method changes the target clock's CurrentState to Active. Begin方法不恢复暂停的时钟。The Begin method does not resume a paused clock.

直到下一次处理计时周期时, 此方法才会对计时树产生任何影响。This method has no effect on the timing tree until the next time a tick is processed. 副作用是, 在此之前, 也不会引发相应的事件。As a side-effect, the appropriate events will also not be raised until then. 调用此方法将CurrentStateInvalidated触发和CurrentGlobalSpeedInvalidated事件。Calling this method triggers the CurrentStateInvalidated and CurrentGlobalSpeedInvalidated events.