ClockController.Pause 方法


停止处理目标 ClockStops the target Clock from progressing.

 void Pause();
public void Pause ();
member this.Pause : unit -> unit
Public Sub Pause ()


Clock无论当前状态如何, 都可以暂停, 并且暂停时钟不会更改其当前状态。You can pause a Clock regardless of its current state, and pausing a clock does not change its current state. 可在、 Active StoppedFilling时暂停时钟。A clock can be paused while Active, Stopped, or Filling. 取消暂停时钟的唯一方法是使用Resume方法。The only way to unpause a clock is by using the Resume method. 暂停时钟会隐式暂停其子级。Pausing a clock implicitly pauses its children.

如果目标时钟已暂停, 则调用此方法不起作用。Calling this method when the target clock is already paused has no effect.

暂停时钟会触发CurrentGlobalSpeedInvalidated事件。Pausing a clock triggers the CurrentGlobalSpeedInvalidated event.