KeyTimeType 枚举


表示可用来表示 KeyTime 实例的不同类型。Represents the different types that may represent a KeyTime instance.

public enum class KeyTimeType
public enum KeyTimeType
type KeyTimeType = 
Public Enum KeyTimeType


Paced 3

指定对相邻的关键帧分别分配和它们的长度成正比的时间。Specifies that adjacent KeyFrames are each allotted a slice of time proportional to their length, respectively. 总的目标是要生成一个可以使动画序列的播放速度保持不变的长度值。The overall goal is to produce a length value that keeps the pace of the animation sequence constant.

Percent 1

指定将每个 KeyTime 值表示为为给定动画序列分配的总时间的百分比。Specifies that each KeyTime value is expressed as a percentage of the total time allotted for a given animation sequence.

TimeSpan 2

指定将每个 KeyTime 表示为一个 TimeSpan 值,该值相对于动画序列的 BeginTimeSpecifies that each KeyTime is expressed as a TimeSpan value relative to the BeginTime of an animation sequence.

Uniform 0

指定在各个关键帧之间平均划分动画序列的总分配时间。Specifies that the allotted total time for an animation sequence is divided evenly amongst each of the key frames.


每个关键帧KeyTime指定关键帧结束的时间。Each key frame's KeyTime specifies when that key frame ends. 它不会指定关键时间的播放时间。It does not specify how long the key time plays. 关键帧的播放时长由关键帧的结束时间、前一个关键帧的结束时间以及动画的持续时间确定。The amount of time a key frame plays is determined by when the key frame ends, when the previous key frame ended, and the animation's duration. 有关详细信息, 请参阅关键帧动画概述See Key-Frame Animations Overview for more information.