ClearTypeHint Enum


一个枚举,它向呈现引擎提示,可以用 ClearType 呈现文本。An enumeration that specifies a hint to the rendering engine that text can be rendered with ClearType.

public enum class ClearTypeHint
public enum ClearTypeHint
type ClearTypeHint = 
Public Enum ClearTypeHint


Auto 0

只要有可能,呈现引擎就会使用 ClearType。The rendering engine uses ClearType when it is possible. 如果引入了不透明度,则对于该子树禁用 ClearType。If opacity is introduced, ClearType is disabled for that subtree.

Enabled 1

呈现引擎对当前子树重新启用 ClearType。The rendering engine re-enables ClearType for the current subtree. 在此子树中引入不透明度的地方禁用 ClearType。Where opacity is introduced in this subtree, ClearType is disabled.


使用 "RenderOptions.ClearTypeHint 附加" 属性可控制在半透明背景上呈现文本的方式。Use the RenderOptions.ClearTypeHint attached property to control how text is rendered on a translucent background. 有关详细信息,请参阅 RenderOptions.ClearTypeHintFor more information, see RenderOptions.ClearTypeHint.

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