Color.R 属性


获取或设置颜色的 sRGB 红色通道值。Gets or sets the sRGB red channel value of the color.

 property System::Byte R { System::Byte get(); void set(System::Byte value); };
public byte R { get; set; }
member this.R : byte with get, set
Public Property R As Byte


Color 结构的 sRGB 红色通道值,介于 0 到 255 之间。The sRGB red channel value of the Color structure, a value between 0 and 255.


B结构的 sRGB 通道(ARGScRGB)和ScA通道(ScRScGScBColor)都是同步的属性。The sRGB channels (A, R, G, B) and the ScRGB channels (ScA, ScR, ScG, ScB) of the Color structure are synchronized properties. 例如,在 R时,会修改 sRGB 红色通道,ScR使用 Sc 方案支持的0-1 范围内的 ScRGB 红色通道。For example, when R, the sRGB red channel, is modified, the ScRGB red channel, ScR, is converted to the equivalent value using the 0-1 range that the Sc scheme supports.