Color.ScG 属性


获取或设置颜色的 ScRGB 绿色通道值。Gets or sets the ScRGB green channel value of the color.

 property float ScG { float get(); void set(float value); };
public float ScG { get; set; }
member this.ScG : single with get, set
Public Property ScG As Single


Color结构的绿色通道值, 值介于0和1之间。 ScRGBThe ScRGB green channel value of the Color structure, a value between 0 and 1.


通道(A、 、、G )和ScRGB 结构的ScB通道 (,,)ScAScR ScG B sRGB R Color同步的属性。The sRGB channels (A, R, G, B) and the ScRGB channels (ScA, ScR, ScG, ScB) of the Color structure are synchronized properties. 例如, 当修改G sRGB绿色通道时ScG , ScRGB会使用Sc方案支持的0-1 范围将绿色通道转换为等效的值。For example, when G, the sRGB green channel, is modified, the ScRGB green channel, ScG is converted to the equivalent value using the 0-1 range that the Sc scheme supports.