InvertAxes 枚举


指示绘图图面的水平轴和垂直轴的反转。Indicate the inversion of horizontal and vertical axes of the drawing surface.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class InvertAxes
public enum InvertAxes
type InvertAxes = 
Public Enum InvertAxes


Both 3

绘图图面的两个轴均反转。Drawing surface is inverted in both axes.

Horizontal 1

反转绘图图面的水平轴。Drawing surface is inverted in the horizontal axis.

None 0

绘图图面的任一轴均不反转。Drawing surface is not inverted in either axis.

Vertical 2

反转绘图图面的垂直轴。Drawing surface is inverted in the vertical axis.


当执行文本内容的从右到左布局时, 文本格式化程序客户端通常会反转绘图图面的水平轴 (或 X 轴)。Text formatter clients usually invert the horizontal axis, or X-axis, of the drawing surface when performing right-to-left layout of text content.

在不太常见的情况下, 文本格式化程序客户端可能会反转绘图图面的垂直轴或 Y 轴, 以使坐标原点位于屏幕左下角位置。In a less common case, a text formatter client may invert the vertical axis, or Y-axis, of the drawing surface to achieve the effect of having the coordinate origin at the bottom-left position of the screen. 这是绘制特定类型图形的一项有用技术。This is a useful technique when drawing certain types of graphs.