NavigationMode 枚举


指定所发生的导航类型。NavigationModeNavigationMode 属性使用。Specifies the type of navigation that is taking place NavigationMode is used by the NavigationMode property.

public enum class NavigationMode
public enum NavigationMode
type NavigationMode = 
Public Enum NavigationMode


Back 1

将向后导航到后退导航历史记录中的最新内容。Navigating back to the most recent content in back navigation history. 调用 GoBack 方法时将发生这种情况。This occurs when the GoBack method is called.

Forward 2

将导航到前进导航历史记录中的最新内容。Navigating to the most recent content on forward navigation history. 调用 GoForward 方法时将发生这种情况。This occurs when the GoForward method is called.

New 0

将导航到新内容。Navigating to new content. 调用 Navigate 方法或设置 Source 属性时将发生这种情况。This occurs when the Navigate method is called, or when Source property is set.

Refresh 3

将重新加载当前内容。Reloading the current content. 调用 Refresh 方法时将发生这种情况。This occurs when the Refresh method is called.