JumpList.EndInit JumpList.EndInit JumpList.EndInit JumpList.EndInit Method


用信号通知 JumpList 初始化结束。Signals the end of the JumpList initialization.

 virtual void EndInit();
public void EndInit ();
abstract member EndInit : unit -> unit
override this.EndInit : unit -> unit
Public Sub EndInit ()



EndInit() 的此调用未与对 BeginInit() 的调用配对。This call to EndInit() is not paired with a call to BeginInit().


类实现接口以支持的 XAML 声明。 JumpList JumpList ISupportInitializeThe JumpList class implements the ISupportInitialize interface to support XAML declaration of a JumpList. 仅当在EndInit XAML中声明并使用附加的属性语法附加到时,才JumpList会调用方法。 ApplicationThe EndInit method is only called when the JumpList is declared in XAML and attached to an Application by using the attached property syntax. 不要从代码中调用此方法。You do not call this method from your code.

方法与Apply方法具有相同的效果。 EndInitThe EndInit method has the same effect as the Apply method. EndInit将的JumpList内容发送到 Windows shell 的当前状态。EndInit sends the content of the JumpList to the Windows shell in its current state. 此调用完成后,该JumpItems属性将被修改为仅包含 Windows shell 成功添加到其跳转列表中的那些项。After this call is complete, the JumpItems property is modified to contain only those items that the Windows shell successfully added to its Jump List. 可以通过JumpItemsRejectedJumpItemsRemovedByUser事件的事件处理程序访问已删除项的列表。You can access the lists of removed items through event handlers for the JumpItemsRejected and JumpItemsRemovedByUser events.