ResizeGripDirection 枚举


指定在输入元件上显示出调整手柄行为方向的常数。Specifies constants that indicate the direction of the resize grip behavior on an input element.

public enum class ResizeGripDirection
public enum ResizeGripDirection
type ResizeGripDirection = 
Public Enum ResizeGripDirection


Bottom 6

可从窗口下边缘调整窗口的大小。The window resizes from its bottom edge.

BottomLeft 7

可从窗口左下角调整窗口的大小。The window resizes from its bottom-left corner.

BottomRight 5

可从窗口右下角调整窗口的大小。The window resizes from its bottom-right corner.

Left 8

可从窗口左边缘调整窗口的大小。The windows resizes from its left edge.

None 0

未指定任何重设大小行为。No resize behavior is specified.

Right 4

可从窗口右边缘调整窗口的大小。The window resizes from its right edge.

Top 2

可从窗口上边缘调整窗口的大小。The window resizes from its top edge.

TopLeft 1

可从窗口左上角调整窗口的大小。The window resizes from its top-left corner.

TopRight 3

可从窗口右上角调整窗口的大小。The window resizes from its top-right corner.


此枚举由ResizeGripDirection附加属性使用。This enumeration is used by the ResizeGripDirection attached property.