UIElement.IsArrangeValid Property


获取一个值,该值指示此元素布局中的子元素的计算大小和位置是否有效。Gets a value indicating whether the computed size and position of child elements in this element's layout are valid.

 property bool IsArrangeValid { bool get(); };
public bool IsArrangeValid { get; }
member this.IsArrangeValid : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsArrangeValid As Boolean

Property Value


如果布局的大小和位置都有效,则为 true,否则为 falsetrue if the size and position of layout are valid; otherwise, false.


您可以通过对此元素(或其父元素)调用 InvalidateArrange 来强制使排列无效。You can force arrangement to be invalidated by calling InvalidateArrange on this element (or its parents). 这会标志布局系统确定时,重新进行重新组合的布局。This flags the layout for recomposition at such time as the layout system determines. 或者,可以对 UpdateLayout 进行直接调用,但仅当确信没有更进一步的失效处于挂起状态时,才应执行此操作(大量不必要的强制更新会导致性能后果)。Alternatively, an immediate call to UpdateLayout could be made, but this should only be done if it is certain that no further invalidations are pending (a large number of unnecessarily forced updates has performance consequences).

除非还 true IsMeasureValid,否则不能 true IsArrangeValid (在布局过程中,无需先进行度量,就无法有效排列)。IsArrangeValid cannot be true unless IsMeasureValid is also true (in the layout process, arrangement cannot be valid without measurement first being valid).

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