UIElement.StylusPlugIns Property


获取与此元素关联的所有触笔插件(自定义)对象的集合。Gets a collection of all stylus plug-in (customization) objects associated with this element.

 property System::Windows::Input::StylusPlugIns::StylusPlugInCollection ^ StylusPlugIns { System::Windows::Input::StylusPlugIns::StylusPlugInCollection ^ get(); };
protected System.Windows.Input.StylusPlugIns.StylusPlugInCollection StylusPlugIns { get; }
member this.StylusPlugIns : System.Windows.Input.StylusPlugIns.StylusPlugInCollection
Protected ReadOnly Property StylusPlugIns As StylusPlugInCollection

Property Value


触笔插件的集合,作为专用集合。The collection of stylus plug-ins, as a specialized collection.


下面的示例创建一个 DynamicRenderer 实例,并将其添加到自定义墨迹处理控件的 StylusPlugIns 集合。The following example creates a DynamicRenderer instance and adds it to the StylusPlugIns collection for a custom ink handling control.

// Create a DrawingAttributes to use for the 
// DynamicRenderer.
DrawingAttributes inkDA = new DrawingAttributes();
inkDA.Width = 5;
inkDA.Height = 5;
inkDA.Color = Colors.Purple;

// Add a dynamic renderer plugin that 
// draws ink as it "flows" from the stylus
DynamicRenderer dynamicRenderer1 = new DynamicRenderer();
dynamicRenderer1.DrawingAttributes = inkDA;

' Create a DrawingAttributes to use for the 
' DynamicRenderer.
Dim inkDA As New DrawingAttributes()
inkDA.Width = 5
inkDA.Height = 5
inkDA.Color = Colors.Purple

' Add a dynamic renderer plugin that 
' draws ink as it "flows" from the stylus
Dim dynamicRenderer1 As New DynamicRenderer()
dynamicRenderer1.DrawingAttributes = inkDA

inkPresenter1.AttachVisuals(dynamicRenderer1.RootVisual, dynamicRenderer1.DrawingAttributes)


InkCanvas填充此集合的控件的一个示例。An example of a control that populates this collection is InkCanvas. InkCanvasDynamicRenderer 添加为收集项,这使 DynamicRenderer 能够与触笔输入进行交互,并在响应触笔驱动事件时生成唯一渲染。InkCanvas adds the DynamicRenderer as a collection item, which enables the DynamicRenderer to interact with stylus input and produce the unique rendering in response to stylus driven events.

有关创建可接收和解释触笔输入的自定义插件的信息,请参阅截获触笔输入For information on creating custom plug-ins that can receive and interpret stylus input, see Intercepting Input from the Stylus.

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