PackageInterleavingOrder 枚举


提供用于指定包的主要部件的流动顺序的值。Provides values that specify the order in which the major parts of a package are streamed.

public enum class PackageInterleavingOrder
public enum PackageInterleavingOrder
type PackageInterleavingOrder = 
Public Enum PackageInterleavingOrder


ImagesLast 3

流动顺序为:资源(除图像之外)、页、文档、文档序列和图像。The streaming order is: resource (other than images), page, document, document sequence, and images.

None 0

流动顺序由打包系统指定。The streaming order is specified by the packaging system.

ResourceFirst 1

流动顺序为:资源、页、文档和文档序列。The streaming order is: resource, page, document, and document sequence.

ResourceLast 2

流动顺序为:文档序列、文档、页和资源。The streaming order is: document sequence, document, page, and resource.


指定 ResourceFirst 时, 每个依赖对象将被序列化到它所依赖的对象之前。When you specify ResourceFirst, each dependent object is serialized before the object on which it depends. 指定 ResourceLast 时, 会在资源之前对资源的使用情况信息进行流式处理。When you specify ResourceLast, information about how a resource will be used is streamed before the resource. 若要在打开图像时用户可以读取文本, 请指定 ImagesLast 成员。To display text first so that users can read while the images are opening, specify the ImagesLast member.