RuleReevaluationBehavior 枚举


指定是否可以重新计算 RuleSpecifies whether a Rule can be reevaluated.

public enum class RuleReevaluationBehavior
public enum RuleReevaluationBehavior
type RuleReevaluationBehavior = 
Public Enum RuleReevaluationBehavior


Always 1

指示可以重新计算 Rule 多次。Indicates that the Rule can be reevaluated multiple times. 默认值为 AlwaysAlways is the default value.

Never 0

指示执行 Rule 一次。Indicates that the Rule is executed once. 在规则执行操作之前可以计算条件多次,但是规则永远不会重新计算。A condition may be evaluated several times until the rule executes actions, but the rule will never be evaluated again.


此枚举用于限制运行 Rule 的次数,主要用于防止无限循环。This enumeration is used to limit the number of times that a Rule runs, primarily to prevent infinite loops. 此字段的默认值为 AlwaysThe default value for this field is Always. 这意味着不限制运行 Rule 的次数,Rule 可以运行的次数由 RuleSet 计算中的链接周期数确定。This means that the number of times the Rule is run is not limited, and the Rule can be run as many times as determined by the chaining cycles in the RuleSet evaluation.