Windows.UI.Xaml 命名空间

提供常规框架 API 和应用程序模型 API,以及许多不同的功能区域通用的各种支持类。 Provides general framework APIs and application model APIs, and a variety of support classes that are commonly used by many different feature areas.


由布局循环引发的异常。An exception that is thrown by the layout cycle.



描述圆角的特征,例如可以应用于 BorderDescribes the characteristics of a rounded corner, such as can be applied to a Border.


表示 Timeline 处于活动状态的持续时间。Represents the duration of time that a Timeline is active.


表示显式支持 Star 单位类型的元素长度。Represents the length of elements that explicitly support Star unit types.


描述矩形边框的粗细。Describes the thickness of a frame around a rectangle. 四个 Double 值分别描述矩形的 LeftTopRightBottom 边。Four Double values describe the Left, Top, Right, and Bottom sides of the rectangle, respectively.



指定 Duration 是否具有 Automatic 或 Forever 特殊值,或其 TimeSpan 组件中是否具有有效信息。Specifies whether a Duration has a special value of Automatic or Forever, or has valid information in its TimeSpan component.


描述 GridLength 对象包含的值的种类。Describes the kind of value that a GridLength object is holding.


此命名空间文档仅包含投影不同于 WinRT 类型的 Windows 运行时(WinRT)类型的 .NET 投影。This namespace documentation contains only .NET projections of Windows Runtime (WinRT) types where the projection differs from the WinRT type. 若要查看此命名空间的完整类型列表,请参阅 UWP API 参考中的Windows。To see the complete list of types for this namespace, see Windows.UI.Xaml in the UWP API reference.