C# 入门Get started with C#

此部分包含简短的教程,可帮助你快速生成 C# .NET Core 应用程序。This section provides short, simple tutorials that let you quickly build an application using C# and .NET Core. 可阅读 Visual Studio 2017 和 Visual Studio Code 的入门主题。There are getting started topics for Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Code. 这些文章假定你具有一些编程体验。These articles assume some programming experience. 如果不熟悉编程,请尝试我们的交互式教程 C# 简介If you are new to programming, try our introduction to C# interactive tutorials.

具体包含以下主题:The following topics are available:

  • C# 语言和 .NET Framework 介绍Introduction to the C# Language and the .NET Framework

    概述了 C# 语言和 .NET。Provides an overview of the C# language and .NET.

  • 使用 Visual Studio 2017 生成 C# .NET Core Hello World 应用程序Building a C# Hello World application with .NET Core in Visual Studio 2017

    Visual Studio 使你能够在适用于 Windows 或 Mac 的集成开发环境中执行应用程序的代码编写、编译、运行、调试、分析和发布。Visual Studio lets you code, compile, run, debug, profile, and publish your applications from an integrated development environment for Windows or Mac.

    此主题介绍了如何创建并运行简单的 Hello World 应用程序,然后将其修改为更具交互性的 Hello World 应用程序。The topic lets you create and run a simple Hello World application and then modify it to run a slightly more interactive Hello World application. 完成应用程序生成和运行后,还可以了解如何调试发布应用程序,使其能够在 .NET Code 支持的任意平台上运行。Once you've finished building and running your application, you can also learn how to debug it and how to publish it so that it can be run on any platform supported by .NET Core.

  • 使用 Visual Studio 2017 生成 C# .NET Core 类库Building a class library with C# and .NET Core in Visual Studio 2017

    使用类库,可以定义能够从另一应用程序调用的类型和类型成员。A class library lets you define types and type members that can be called from another application. 此主题介绍了如何创建类库,其中包含一个用于确定字符串是否以大写字母开头的方法。This topic lets you create a class library with a single method that determines whether a string begins with an uppercase character. 生成完类库后,便可以开发单元测试来确保类库按预期运行,然后就是使其可供要使用它的应用程序使用。Once you've finished building the library, you can develop a unit test to ensure that it works as expected, and then you can make it available to applications that want to consume it.

  • C# 和 Visual Studio Code 入门Get started with C# and Visual Studio Code

    Visual Studio Code 是免费的代码编辑器,已针对构建和调试现代 Web 和云应用程序而优化。Visual Studio Code is a free code editor optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. 它支持 IntelliSense,并可在 Linux、macOS 和 Windows 上使用。It supports IntelliSense and is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows.

    此主题介绍了如何使用 Visual Studio Code 和 .NET Core 创建并运行简单的 Hello World 应用程序。This topic shows you how to create and run a simple Hello World application with Visual Studio Code and .NET Core.

  • C# 编程指南C# Programming Guide

    提供关于 C# 编程概念的信息并描述如何用 C# 执行各种任务。Provides information about C# programming concepts, and describes how to perform various tasks in C#.

  • C# 参考C# Reference

    提供关于 C# 关键字、运算符、预处理器指令、编译器选项以及编译器错误与警告的详细参考信息。Provides detailed reference information about C# keywords, operators, preprocessor directives, compiler options, and compiler errors and warnings.

  • 演练Walkthroughs

    提供指向使用 C# 的编程演练和每个演练的简要概述的链接。Provides links to programming walkthroughs that use C# and a brief description of each walkthrough.

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