LINQ to XML (C#)LINQ to XML (C#)

LINQ to XML 提供使用 .NET 语言集成查询 (LINQ) Framework 的内存中 XML 编程接口。LINQ to XML provides an in-memory XML programming interface that leverages the .NET Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) Framework. LINQ to XML 使用最新的 .NET Framework 语言功能,相当于更新的和重新设计的文档对象模型 (DOM) XML 编程接口。LINQ to XML uses the latest .NET Framework language capabilities and is comparable to an updated, redesigned Document Object Model (DOM) XML programming interface.

LINQ 系列技术提供了针对对象 (LINQ to Objects)、关系数据库 (LINQ to SQL) 和 XML (LINQ to XML) 的一致查询体验。The LINQ family of technologies provides a consistent query experience for objects (LINQ to Objects), relational databases (LINQ to SQL), and XML (LINQ to XML).

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入门 (LINQ to XML)Getting Started (LINQ to XML)
提供有关 LINQ to XML 的介绍性信息,包括概念概述和 System.Xml.Linq 类的概述。Provides introductory information about LINQ to XML, including a conceptual overview and an overview of the System.Xml.Linq classes.

编程指南 (LINQ to XML) (C#)Programming Guide (LINQ to XML) (C#)
提供有关使用 LINQ to XML 进行编程的概念性和指导性信息。Provides conceptual and how-to information about programming with LINQ to XML.

参考 (LINQ to XML)Reference (LINQ to XML)
提供指向 LINQ to XML 管理的参考文档的链接。Provides pointers to the LINQ to XML managed reference documentation.

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