<services> 的 <workflowRuntime><services> of <workflowRuntime>

表示要添加到 WorkflowRuntime 引擎的服务集合。Represents a collection of services that will be added to the WorkflowRuntime engine. 这些元素的类型为 WorkflowRuntimeServiceElementThe elements are of type WorkflowRuntimeServiceElement. 在集合中指定的服务将由工作流运行时引擎初始化,并在调用适当的 WorkflowRuntime 构造函数时添加到工作流运行时引擎服务中。The services specified in the collection will be initialized by the workflow runtime engine and added to its services when the appropriate WorkflowRuntime constructor is called. 因此,在集合中指定的服务必须遵循关于其构造函数的签名的某些规则。Therefore, the services specified in the collection must follow certain rules about the signatures of their constructors. 有关详细信息,请参阅 WorkflowRuntimeServiceElementSee WorkflowRuntimeServiceElement for more information.

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