.NET Framework 开发指南.NET Framework development guide

本节介绍了如何创建、配置、调试、保护和部署 .NET Framework 应用。This section explains how to create, configure, debug, secure, and deploy your .NET Framework apps. 本节还提供有关技术领域的信息,例如,动态编程、互操作性、扩展性、内存管理和线程处理。The section also provides information about technology areas such as dynamic programming, interoperability, extensibility, memory management, and threading.

本节内容In This Section

数据和建模Data and Modeling
提供有关如何使用 ADO.NET、语言集成查询 (LINQ)、WCF 数据服务和 XML 访问数据的信息。Provides information about how to access data using ADO.NET, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), WCF Data Services, and XML.

客户端应用程序Client Applications
介绍如何使用 Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) 或 Windows 窗体创建基于 Windows 的应用。Explains how to create Windows-based apps by using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) or Windows Forms.

使用 ASP.NET 的 Web 应用程序Web Applications with ASP.NET
提供指向有关使用 ASP.NET 以最少编码生成企业级 Web 应用程序的信息的链接。Provides links to information about using ASP.NET to build enterprise-class web apps with a minimum of coding.

使用 WCF 的面向服务的应用程序Service-Oriented Applications with WCF
描述如何使用 Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 生成安全可靠且面向服务的应用。Describes how to use Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to build service-oriented apps that are secure and reliable.

使用 Windows Workflow Foundation 生成工作流 提供有关用于 Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 的编程模型、示例和工具的信息。Building workflows with Windows Workflow Foundation Provides information about the programming model, samples, and tools for using Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).

Windows 服务应用程序Windows Service Applications
介绍如何使用 Visual Studio 和 .NET Framework 创建作为服务安装的应用,以及如何开始、停止和以其他方式控制其行为。Explains how you can use Visual Studio and the .NET Framework to create an app that is installed as a service, and start, stop, and otherwise control its behavior.

.NET 中的并行处理、并发和异步编程Parallel Processing, Concurrency, and Async Programming in .NET
提供有关托管线程处理、并行编程和异步编程设计模式的信息。Provides information about managed threading, parallel programming, and asynchronous programming design patterns.

.NET Framework 中的网络编程Network Programming in the .NET Framework
描述 Internet 服务的分层、可扩展和托管实现,你可以将这些服务快速而轻松地集成到你的应用中。Describes the layered, extensible, and managed implementation of Internet services that you can quickly and easily integrate into your apps.

配置 .NET Framework 应用 介绍如何使用配置文件更改设置,而无需重新编译你的 .NET Framework 应用。Configuring .NET Framework Apps Explains how you can use configuration files to change settings without having to recompile your .NET Framework apps.

使用 .NET Native 编译应用程序Compiling Apps with .NET Native
介绍如何使用 .NET Native 预编译技术生成和部署 Windows 应用商店应用。Explains how you can use the .NET Native precompilation technology to build and deploy Windows Store apps. .NET Native 编译在托管代码 (C#) 中编写并使 .NET Framework 面向本机代码的应用。.NET Native compiles apps that are written in managed code (C#) and that target the .NET Framework to native code.

提供有关 .NET Framework 中的类和服务的信息,这些类和服务可以帮助确保应用开发的安全。Provides information about the classes and services in the .NET Framework that facilitate secure app development.

调试、跟踪和分析Debugging, Tracing, and Profiling
介绍如何测试、优化和分析 .NET Framework 应用和应用环境。Explains how to test, optimize, and profile .NET Framework apps and the app environment. 本节包括供管理员和开发人员使用的信息。This section includes information for administrators as well as developers.

开发多平台应用程序Developing for Multiple Platforms
介绍有关如何使用 .NET Framework 生成可在手机、桌面和 Web 等多种平台和多种设备之间共享的程序集的信息。Provides information about how you can use the .NET Framework to build assemblies that can be shared across multiple platforms and multiple devices such as phones, desktop, and web.

介绍如何打包并分发你的 .NET Framework 应用,包括同时适用于开发人员和管理员的部署指南。Explains how to package and distribute your .NET Framework app, and includes deployment guides for both developers and administrators.

提供有关缓存、延迟初始化、可靠性和 ETW 事件的信息。Provides information about caching, lazy initialization, reliability, and ETW events.


.NET Framework 类库.NET Framework Class Library
提供 .NET Framework 命名空间中包含的每一个类的语法、代码示例和使用信息。Supplies syntax, code examples, and usage information for each class that is contained in the .NET Framework namespaces.

入门Getting Started
提供对 .NET Framework 的全面概述和指向其他资源的链接。Provides a comprehensive overview of the .NET Framework and links to additional resources.

新增功能What's New
描述最新版本的 .NET Framework 中的重要新增功能和更改。Describes key new features and changes in the latest version of the .NET Framework. 包含新的和已过时的类型和成员的列表,并提供有关从 .NET Framework 的早期版本中迁移应用的指南。Includes lists of new and obsolete types and members, and provides a guide for migrating your apps from the previous version of the .NET Framework.

描述有助于使用 .NET Framework 技术开发、配置和部署应用的工具。Describes the tools that help you develop, configure, and deploy apps by using .NET Framework technologies.

.NET 示例和教程.NET samples and tutorials
提供有助于你了解 .NET 的示例和教程的链接。Provides links to samples and tutorials that help you learn about .NET.