.NET Framework 指南.NET Framework Guide


此 .NET Framework 内容集包含 .NET Framework 4.5 到 4.8 版本的相关信息。This .NET Framework content set includes information for .NET Framework versions 4.5 through 4.8. 若要下载 .NET Framework,请参阅安装 .NET FrameworkTo download the .NET Framework, see Installing the .NET Framework. 有关 .NET Framework 中的新功能和更改的列表,请参阅 .NET Framework 中的新增功能For a list of new features and changes in the NET Framework, see What's New in the .NET Framework. 有关受支持的平台列表,请参阅 .NET Framework 系统要求For a list of supported platforms, see .NET Framework System Requirements. 有关早期版本的 .NET Framework 的文档,请参阅 .NET 早期版本文档For documentation about older versions of the .NET Framework, see .NET previous versions documentation.

.NET Framework 是用于为 Web、Windows、Windows Phone、Windows Server 和 Microsoft Azure 构建应用的开发平台。The .NET Framework is a development platform for building apps for web, Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Server, and Microsoft Azure. 它包含公共语言运行时 (CLR) 和 .NET Framework 类库,其中包括各种功能和对许多行业标准的支持。It consists of the common language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework class library, which includes a broad range of functionality and support for many industry standards.

.NET Framework 提供许多服务,包括内存管理、类型和内存安全、安全性、网络和应用程序部署。The .NET Framework provides many services, including memory management, type and memory safety, security, networking, and application deployment. 它提供易于使用的数据结构和 API,将较低级别的 Windows 操作系统抽象化。It provides easy-to-use data structures and APIs that abstract the lower-level Windows operating system. 可在 .NET Framework 中使用不同编程语言,包括 C#、F# 和 Visual Basic。You can use different programming languages with the .NET Framework, including C#, F#, and Visual Basic.

有关适用于用户和开发人员的 .NET Framework 的常规说明,请参阅入门For a general introduction to the .NET Framework for both users and developers, see Getting Started. 有关 .NET Framework 的体系结构和主要功能简介,请参阅概述For an introduction to the architecture and key features of the .NET Framework, see the overview.

.NET Framework 可与 Windows 容器和 Docker 结合使用。The .NET Framework can be used with Docker and with Windows Containers.


.NET Framework 随附于 Windows,使你能够运行 .NET Framework 应用程序。The .NET Framework comes with Windows, enabling you to run .NET Framework applications. 需要的 .NET Framework 版本可能要比 Windows 版本附带的版本更高。You may need a later version of the .NET Framework than the one that comes with your Windows version. 有关详细信息,请参阅在 Windows 上安装 .NET FrameworkFor more information, see Install the .NET Framework on Windows.

请参阅修复 .NET Framework,了解在安装 .NET Framework 时遇到错误时应如何修复 .NET Framework 安装。See Repair the .NET Framework to learn how to repair your .NET Framework installation if you're experiencing errors when installing the .NET Framework.

若要更详细地了解如何下载 .NET Framework,请参阅安装面向开发人员的 .NET FrameworkFor more detailed information on downloading the .NET Framework, see Install the .NET Framework for developers.

本节内容In this section

  • 新增功能What's New
    描述 .NET Framework 最新版本中的重要新增功能和更改。Describes key new features and changes in the latest versions of the .NET Framework. 包含已过时的类型和成员的列表,并提供有关从 .NET Framework 的早期版本中迁移应用程序的指南。Includes lists of obsolete types and members, and provides a guide for migrating your applications from the previous version of the .NET Framework.

  • 入门Get Started
    提供对 .NET Framework 的全面概述和指向其他资源的链接。Provides a comprehensive overview of the .NET Framework and links to additional resources.

  • 安装指南Installation Guide
    提供有关 .NET Framework 安装和故障排除的资源和指南。Provides resources and guidance about .NET Framework installation and troubleshooting.

  • 迁移指南Migration Guide
    如果正在将应用程序迁移到 .NET Framework 的新版本,请提供资源和所需考虑的更改的列表。Provides resources and a list of changes you need to consider if you're migrating your application to a new version of the .NET Framework.

  • 开发指南Development Guide
    提供了有关应用程序开发的所有关键技术区域和任务(包括创建、配置、调试、保护和部署应用程序)的指南,以及有关动态编程、互操作性、扩展性、内存管理和线程处理的信息。Provides a guide to all key technology areas and tasks for application development, including creating, configuring, debugging, securing, and deploying your application, and information about dynamic programming, interoperability, extensibility, memory management, and threading.

  • 工具Tools
    描述有助于使用 .NET Framework 技术开发、配置和部署应用程序的工具。Describes the tools that help you develop, configure, and deploy applications by using .NET Framework technologies.

  • 其他类库和 APIAdditional class libraries and APIs
    提供 Microsoft 工具使用的专用 .NET Framework API 的文档。Provides documentation for private .NET Framework APIs used by Microsoft tools.

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