.NET Framework 中的动态编程Dynamic Programming in the .NET Framework

本节文档提供有关在 .NET Framework 中动态编程的信息。This section of the documentation provides information about dynamic programming in the .NET Framework.

本节内容In This Section

介绍如何使用反射在运行时处理对象。Describes how to use reflection to work with objects at run time.

发出动态方法和程序集Emitting Dynamic Methods and Assemblies
介绍如何通过使用 Reflection.Emit 在运行时创建方法和程序集。Describes how to create methods and assemblies at run time by using Reflection.Emit.

动态语言运行时概述Dynamic Language Runtime Overview
介绍动态语言运行时的功能。Describes the features of the dynamic language runtime.

动态源代码生成和编译Dynamic Source Code Generation and Compilation
介绍如何生成和编译动态源代码。Describes how to generate and compile dynamic source code.

开发指南Development Guide