CorFlags.exe(CorFlags 转换工具)CorFlags.exe (CorFlags Conversion Tool)

利用 CorFlags 转换工具,你配置可移植可执行映像标头的 CorFlags 部分。The CorFlags Conversion tool allows you to configure the CorFlags section of the header of a portable executable image.

此工具会自动随 Visual Studio 一起安装。This tool is automatically installed with Visual Studio. 若要运行此工具,请使用 Visual Studio 开发人员命令提示(或 Windows 7 中的 Visual Studio 命令提示)。To run the tool, use the Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio (or the Visual Studio Command Prompt in Windows 7). 有关详细信息,请参阅命令提示For more information, see Command Prompts.

在命令提示符处,键入以下内容:At the command prompt, type the following:


CorFlags.exe assembly [options]  


必选参数Required parameter 说明Description
assembly 要为其配置 CorFlags 的程序集的名称。The name of the assembly for which to configure the CorFlags.
选项Option 说明Description
/32BIT[REQ]+/32BIT[REQ]+ 设置 32BITREQUIRED 标志。Sets the 32BITREQUIRED flag.
/32BIT[REQ]-/32BIT[REQ]- 清除 32BITREQUIRED 标志。Clears the 32BITREQUIRED flag.
/32BITPREF+/32BITPREF+ 设置 32BITPREFERRED 标志。Sets the 32BITPREFERRED flag. 该应用程序甚至可以作为 32 位进程在 64 位平台上运行。The app runs as a 32-bit process even on 64-bit platforms. 仅在 EXE 文件中设置此标志。Set this flag only on EXE files. 如果在 DLL 上设置此标志,则 DLL 将无法在 64 位进程中加载,并引发 BadImageFormatException 异常。If the flag is set on a DLL, the DLL fails to load in 64-bit processes, and a BadImageFormatException exception is thrown. 具有此标志的 EXE 文件可以加载到 64 位进程中。An EXE file with this flag can be loaded into a 64-bit process.

.NET Framework 4.5.NET Framework 4.5 中是新增选项。New in the .NET Framework 4.5.NET Framework 4.5.

.NET Framework 4.5.NET Framework 4.5 中是新增选项。New in the .NET Framework 4.5.NET Framework 4.5.
/?/? 显示该工具的命令语法和选项。Displays command syntax and options for the tool.
/Force/Force 强制执行更新,即使程序集具有强名称也是如此。Forces an update even if the assembly is strong-named. 重要提示: 如果更新具有强名称的程序集,则必须在执行其代码之前再次对其签名。Important: If you update a strong-named assembly, you must sign it again before executing its code.
/help/help 显示该工具的命令语法和选项。Displays command syntax and options for the tool.
/ILONLY+/ILONLY+ 设置 ILONLY 标志。Sets the ILONLY flag.
/ILONLY-/ILONLY- 清除 ILONLY 标志。Clears the ILONLY flag.
/nologo/nologo 取消显示 Microsoft 启动版权标志。Suppresses the Microsoft startup banner display.
/RevertCLRHeader/RevertCLRHeader 将 CLR 标头版本还原到 2.0。Reverts the CLR header version to 2.0.
/UpgradeCLRHeader/UpgradeCLRHeader 将 CLR 标头版本升级到 2.5。Upgrades the CLR header version to 2.5. 注意: 程序集必须具有 2.5 版或更高版本的 CLR 标头才能在本机运行。Note: Assemblies must have a CLR header version of 2.5 or greater to run natively.


如果未指定任何选项,则 CorFlags 转换工具将显示指定程序集的标志。If no options are specified, the CorFlags Conversion tool displays the flags for the specified assembly.

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