ICorProfilerCallback3::ProfilerAttachComplete 方法ICorProfilerCallback3::ProfilerAttachComplete Method

由公共语言运行时(CLR)调用以指示探查器现在可以调用ICorProfilerInfo3:: EnumJITedFunctionsICorProfilerInfo3:: EnumModules追赶方法。Called by the common language runtime (CLR) to indicate that the profiler can now call the ICorProfilerInfo3::EnumJITedFunctions and ICorProfilerInfo3::EnumModules catch-up methods.


HRESULT ProfilerAttachComplete ();  


ProfilerAttachComplete调用ICorProfilerCallback3:: InitializeForAttach方法后发出回调。The ProfilerAttachComplete callback is issued after the ICorProfilerCallback3::InitializeForAttach method is called. 指示如下内容:It indicates the following:

  • 已激活 InitializeForAttach 中的探测器请求的回调。The callbacks that were requested by the profiler in InitializeForAttach have been activated.

  • 探查器现在可以对关联的 ID 执行追赶操作,而不必担心丢失通知。The profiler can now perform catch-up on the associated IDs without being concerned about missing notifications.

CLR 将忽略从此回调返回的值。The CLR ignores the return value from this callback.


平台: 请参阅系统要求Platforms: See System Requirements.

头文件: CorProf.idl、CorProf.hHeader: CorProf.idl, CorProf.h

库: CorGuids.libLibrary: CorGuids.lib

.NET Framework 版本:自 4 之后可用Available since 4.NET Framework Versions: 自 4 之后可用Available since 4

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