WF 中的流程图活动Flowchart Activities in WF

.NET Framework 4.6.1.NET Framework 4.6.1提供多个系统提供的活动,用于控制流程图中的执行和分支。provides several system-provided activities for controlling execution and branching within a Flowchart.

Flowchart 使用熟悉的流程图范例执行包含的活动。Executes contained activities using the familiar Flowchart paradigm.
FlowDecision 一个专用的 FlowNode,提供建立有两种结果的条件节点模型的能力。A specialized FlowNode that provides the ability to model a conditional node with two outcomes.
FlowSwitch<T> 一个专用的 FlowNode,可建立 switch 结构的模型,该结构有一个表达式(其类型在活动的类型说明符中定义)并且每个匹配项有单一结果。A specialized FlowNode that allows modeling a switch construct, with one expression of a type defined in the activity’s type specifier and a single outcome for each match.

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