.NET for Apache Spark 资源.NET for Apache Spark resources

可参阅以下 .NET for Apache Spark 资源,了解如何访问 .NET 应用程序中的 Apache Spark:The following .NET for Apache Spark resources may be helpful for accessing Apache Spark in your .NET applications:

  • .NET for Apache Spark C# 和 F# 示例提供的示例涵盖多个分析案例,包括 Dataframe 和 SparkSQL、结构化流式处理以及 TPC-H 查询。.NET for Apache Spark C# and F# samples contains samples that cover several analytics scenarios including, Dataframes and SparkSQL, structured streaming, and TPC-H queries.

  • 使用 Stack Overflow 上的 spark-dotnet 标记 连接开发者社区。Connect with the developer community using the spark-dotnet tag on Stack Overflow.

  • 希望做出贡献?Interested in contributing? 请访问 GitHub 存储库,了解如何通过数据源进行生成。Visit the GitHub repo to learn how to build from source.

如何参与、贡献和提供反馈How to engage, contribute and provide feedback

.NET for Apache Spark 团队鼓励发布内容,无论是以问题的形式还是以请求的形式。The .NET for Apache Spark team encourages contributions, both in the form of issues and pull requests. 第一步是查找你希望参与的现有问题The first step is to find an existing issue you want to contribute to. 如果你的问题不存在,请创建新问题If your issue does not exist, open a new issue.