.NET 中的 COM 互操作COM Interop in .NET

组件对象模型 (COM) 允许对象向其他组件公开其功能并在 Windows 平台上托管应用程序。The Component Object Model (COM) lets an object expose its functionality to other components and to host applications on Windows platforms. 为帮助用户实现与其现有代码库的互操作,.NET Framework 始终为与 COM 库进行互操作提供强大支持。To help enable users to interoperate with their existing code bases, .NET Framework has always provided strong support for interoperating with COM libraries. 在 .NET Core 3.0 中,此支持中的很大一部分已添加到 Windows 上的 .NET Core。In .NET Core 3.0, a large portion of this support has been added to .NET Core on Windows. 此处的文档说明了公共 COM 互操作技术的工作原理,以及如何利用它们与现有 COM 库进行互操作。The documentation here explains how the common COM interop technologies work and how you can utilize them to interoperate with your existing COM libraries.