" <member> " 与在所有枚举中隐式声明的同名保留成员冲突'<member>' conflicts with the reserved member by this name that is implicitly declared in all enums

类型成员名称与在所有枚举中隐式声明的成员名称相冲突。The name of a type member conflicts with the name of a member implicitly declared in all enumerations.

Visual Basic 编译器创建与你声明的某些编程元素相对应的隐式成员。The Visual Basic compiler creates implicit members corresponding to certain programming elements you declare. 枚举隐式声明成员 value__memberEnumerations implicitly declare the member value__member.

错误 ID: BC31420Error ID: BC31420

更正此错误To correct this error

  • 修改成员名称。Modify the name of the member.

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