Connecting a Business Central Server Instance to a Database

This procedure describes how to use the Business Central Server Administration tool to change the Business Central database to which a Business Central Server instance connects.

To connect a database to a Business Central Server instance

  1. Start the Business Central Server Administration tool.

    For more information, see Business Central Server Administration Tool.

  2. Navigate to the Business Central server instance that you want to connect the database to, and then choose the Edit button.

  3. On the Database section, change the following fields to point at the converted database:

    • Database Instance

    • Database Name

    • Database Server


    With a large database, increase the SQL Command Timeout setting to avoid timeouts during schema synchronization. The default setting is 30 minutes.

  4. Choose the Save button, and then, in the dialog box that appears, choose the OK button.

  5. In the left pane, choose the Business Central Server computer where the service instance that you modified in the previous step runs.

    Unless you are administering a remote computer, this is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (local).

  6. In the central pane, right-click the service instance that you modified, and then choose Restart.

    This stops and restarts the service instance, and the service instance now connects to the converted database.

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